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Open Smart Home Interface based on Raspberry Pi Zero W
  Air quality*
  Camera OV5647 (optional)
  Current Sensor*
  Touch display
  PIR motion sensor
  Ambient light
  Temperature sensors
  Infrared temperature
  Barometric pressure*

*depend on model and version

  Piezo buzzer
  GPIO Raspberry Pi / ATmega
  3 relays

  Digital photoframe
  Control custom electrical devices
  Ventilation control
  Room thermostat
  Shutter switch
  Alarm system
  Track environmental data
  Surveillance monitor
  Custom heating scenarios
  Speech recognition
  Presence detection
  Light control
  Gateway for "smart" devices

We provide an open source application for easy setup. The device can be used as a replacement for room thermostats, light switches, roller blind switches or similar. The Raspberry Pi operating system " Raspbian " is used as the operating system . All known smart home applications for the Raspberry Pi can be installed. The full range of functions has not yet been reached, but is constantly being expanded.


SHPI.zero lite SHPI.zero SHPI.one

3,5“ 3,5“ 4“
secondary controller ATmega32u4    - + +


Number of outputs for
3 (+ 1 DIY) 4 4
Current sensor    - + +
optional optional +
Vent signal    - + +
Backlit logo    - - +


Light, infrared temp., temperatur,
motion, humidity

+ + +
Air quality
optional + +
optional + +
Barometric pressure
- + +
Track self consumption
- - +


Wifi 2.4Ghz
+ + +
Bluetooth 4.2
+ + +
Ethernet 10/100mbit
- - +
- +, intern +, LSA
Sub 1Ghz – CC1101
- optional Modul inkl.
- + Modul*
- eingeschränkt (CC1101) Modul*
- - optional
KNX wired
- - optional
(*no Sound)
1 port internally optional USB-C 2.0
(only without KNX / EnOcean)


169,- €

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Additional power supply

Your SHPI is supplied with an AC power supply (100-240v, 50/60 Hz) as standard. It has 3 integrated relays (7A resisitv contact rating), piezo alarm and current meter. We also offer a DC power supply so that the SHPI can also be used in DC voltage environments.
  8-30V DC power supply 14,99€
3 MOSFET contacts + current meter for one MOSFET (20A +- max.)
  US HVAC (24V AC) soon
Common Wire + 4 relay outputs without current sensor


additional black housing for SHPI.zero / zero lite 9,99€
incl. PIR lens black
KNX option for SHPI.one 31,99€
KNX TP available on LSA Terminal. RS485 only internally. Technical informations: NCN5120 connected through CP2102 on USB. We recommend KNXd to emulate KNX devices.
Audio option for SHPI.zero lite 9,99€
includes USB soundcard CMedia HS100B, SMD microphone and amplifier. Only speech quality.
Speaker (11*15mm) 1W incl. installation SHPI.zero / SHPI.zero lite with audio option 9,99€
Air quality sensor (0-100ppm VOC) AGS01DB für SHPI.zero lite 4,99€
OV5647 camera module 14,99€
replaces ambient light sensor / 2nd LED
CC1101 radio module 868 Mhz for CULFW (not for Lite version!) 0,00€
Only DIY. Soldering necessary for SHPI.zero. Customer is responsible for compliance of antenna and software.
32GB Micro SD ready installed 9,99€
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I've read and accept general terms and conditions For orders outside the EU, the device is delivered as a kit and without Raspberry Pi Zero W, therefore there are no higher shipping costs.
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