SHPI - Smart Home Peripheral Interface

We love smart homes. You probably too :-) But why do we need to buy so many smart devices? Gateways, hubs, thermostats, motion detectors, air quality sensors, surveillance and security systems, voice assistants, intercoms, smart meters, light and shutter switches It's a huge waste of resources, time and money. That's why we invented SHPI – the smart home peripheral interface.

SHPI replaces multiple room devices in one integrated product.

SHPI is a open-source, programmable, wall-mounted device that you can use to keep track of everything that’s going on in your home, including temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, air quality, presence detection, and even electrical currents. The optional camera completes SHPI, making it a perfect surveillance system.


  Air Quality

  Camera (optional)

  Current sensor




  Motion Detector

  Ambient Light Level

  Temperature Sensors

  Infrared Thermal Sensor

  Barometric Pressure

  External Sensors

Using integrated relays, SHPI can take direct control of up to three electrical loads, giving you complete oversight in your own home. SHPI is fully independent and can be used as a gateway to integrate different other devices in your smart home.



  Piezo Buzzer 85DB


Amplifier for ext. Speaker

  3 5A Relays

  PWM-controlled Blower

Finally, you can stop worrying about managing so many different devices! Instead, you’ll be managing everything, from the temperature in your home to your security system, through a single interface.


Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, RS-485*, ZigBee*, 315/433/868/915 MHz radio module* *optional

Replace Traditional Systems

Our system replaces convoluted HVAC controls, thermostats, and shutter switches, making them smart and giving you a whole load of other capabilities. We have designed SHPI as a drop-in replacement for your thermostat, light, and shutter switches. Using the touch screen, you can operate it easily, simply connecting over USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, or the optional radio module. Going beyond environmental controls, it’s also capable of motion detection, microphone security, and video security, signaling you whenever there’s a warning.

Open Source

We provide drivers and demo applications for an easy start in Python.

Possible Functions

  Picture Frame / Schedule Display

  Control Custom Devices

  Control Vents



  Surveillance System


  Surveillance Monitor

  Custom HVAC scenarios

  Voice Control


  Presence Detection

  Control Lights

  Gateway for other "Smart" Devices

-> 3D Modell


  Modular power supply: AC 100-240V / DC 7-30V / HVAC 24VAC
    (DC-variant max. 45V protection diode ISO7637.2 5a/5b)

  No external server or gateway needed.

  Local memory store for application and data.

  Full flexibility regarding internet connection and cloud solutions.

  High reliability through different microprocessors
    Raspberry Pi for advanced functions. ATmega for critical applications.

  Open Source

Designed for Makers

The is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Arduino compatible ATmega 32u4 micro-controller, allowing everyone to build their own smart home applications based on SHPI. For a simple start, the Atmega comes with our firmware. Custom or customized software can be flashed on the ATmega using the Raspberry Pi. Flashing is possible on-the-fly during operation without hardware intervention. We also make SHPI highly customizable. With a little soldering, you can expand the functionality of SHPI for every use. ( lite excluded) Later, you can order customized versions directly through our shop.


  •  BME680 environmental sensor
  •  CCS811 environmental sensor
  •  MICS6814 three fully independent gas sensing elements
       Carbon monoxide CO 1 – 1000ppm • Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0.05 – 10ppm • Ethanol C2H5OH 10 – 500ppm • Hydrogen H2 1 – 1000ppm • Ammonia NH3 1 – 500ppm • Methane CH4 >1000ppm • Propane C3H8 >1000ppm • Iso-butane C4H10 >1000ppm
  • gyro + accelerometer + compass (MPU9250/ICM-20948)
  •  particle sensor (MAX30105 - Optical Sensor for Smoke Detection Applications)
  • mini thermal camera (AMG8833 Infrared Array Sensor)


  •   RS-485
  •   Zigbee (CC2531)
  •  radio module (CC1101 OR RFM69HCW, different frequencies available) Add a CC1101 and install CULFW ( to interact with a bunch of different RF protocols: FS20, FHT80b / 8v, S300, EM1000, HMS, Hoermann, ESA2000, Intertechno, Somfy RTS, HomeMatic, MAX!
  •  analog FM transmitter with RDS (Si4713 - for only - speaker replacement)
  •   additional analog-digital converter (ADS1015 with comparator)
  •   more GPIO's (MCP23017 - 16-Bit I/O expander)
  •   analog output (MCP4725 DAC)
  •  external LED strip (SK6812)


  •  self-consumption power monitor (INA219)
  •  real-time clock (DS1307 RTC)

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