The Smart Home Pi - Open Smart Home Interface based on Raspberry Pi!
  air quality
  camera OV5647 (option)
  current sensor for one relay
  motion detector
  ambient light sensor
  multiple temperature sensors
  infrared temperature
  barometric pressure

  piezo buzzer 85DB
  GPIO Raspberry Pi / ATmega
  amplifier for ext. speaker
  3 relays
  pwm-controlled blower

  picture frame
  control custom devices
  control vents
  smart thermostat
  shutter switch
  security system
  surveillance monitor
  HVAC scenarios
  speech recognition
  presence detection
  control lights
  gateway for smart devices

The Raspberry Pi operating system "Raspbian" runs on the

For an easy, start we provide a thermostat app! Open Source and easy to customize. You can use also as a replacement for light and shutter switches. The ATmega is preprogrammed and accepts commands on the I2C bus.

Raspberry Pi Zero W
1 Ghz, 512MB-Ram, Wifi, Bluetooth

ATmega 32u4
32KB flash, Arduino Leonardo compatible, preprogrammed, on-the-fly programmable

AUO A035VW01 Touchscreen
size 3.5", resolution 800x480px, luminance 450 cd/m², contrast 800:1, refresh rate 60Hz

Diodes PAM8302A amplifier
2.5W Class-D mono

5V 30*30*4mm blower - PWM controlled

Sub-1Ghz Transceiver CC1101 from Texas Instruments

RS485 Transceiver
optionally, available footprint on pcb

Bosch BMP280 barometric pressure sensor

Allegro ACS712 current sensor 5A+-

ambient light level sensor BH1750

humidity sensor Sensirion SHT3x

Knowles Analog MEMS microphone

Melexis MLX90615 infrared thermometer

SENBA PIR L201D - PIR motion detector

Winsen MP135 air quality sensor

OmniVision OV5647 camera optionally

5V 85DB piezo buzzer

Hongfa HF49FD 5A relays
5A switching capacity, 3kV dielectric strength



Choose your power supply

One included. € 14.99 for each additional power supply.
  100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
three relay outputs + current sensor for one relay channel
  8-30V DC
three MOSFET output channels + current sensor for one MOSFET (5A +- max.)
  US HVAC (24V AC)
Common Wire + four relay channels (one accessible only internally), no current sensor


Additional black housing 9,99€
incl. PIR lens black
OV5647 camera module 14,99€
Self-installation, covers the light sensor
CC1101 radio module 868 Mhz 4,99€
CC1101 radio module 433 Mhz 4,99€
32GB micro SD preprogrammed 9,99€
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